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About the Camp

Monday Creek Adventure Company (MCAC) is a non-profit adventure training camp set up for the differently abled and challenged individuals who want an alternative to traditional camps in Ohio. We offer the individual an opportunity to challenge and risk their ablities in the outdoors under safe conditions and experienced supervision. MCAC has been guiding trips since 1990 to places including Wild Cat Hollow in Wayne National Forest, Lake Temagami in Canada, and the beautiful Hocking County State Park in Southern Ohio.

Challenge, Risk, and Achevement.
These are the basic steps in everyone's life that must be taken as they climb to the top of their potential. We at Monday Creek Adventure Company believe in providing individuals with disabilities the opportunity to experience these steps. Land in Hocking Hills became a base camp for training outdoor skills including hiking, camping, backpacking and canoeing to persons with disabilities ages 14 and up.

The Competitive work force is constantly changing their expectations of persons with handicapping conditions. These expectations include responsibility, reliability, and initiative. We at MCAC believe that these individuals desire and deserve a recreational choice to keep pace.